444 Versus 440

The standard tuning of 440 Hz (Hertz) has been researched and discovered to be extremely discordant to the human body. In fact, there is a long history concerning the 440 Hz that many would find quite disturbing. You will find a link to an article at the bottom of this page (“Musical Cult Control”) should you wish to delve into it. It is a long article, but if you really want to know, you’ll take the time to read the whole thing.  All of the music created and played since about 1939 has been done in the 440 Hz standard tuning and has been proven to cause mass hysteria, aggression, emotional distress, illness, etc. The tuning used before this time was replaced because it did not create the disharmony required by the powers that be.

The bottom line is A=444Hz (C=528Hz) tuning is much more harmonic to the physical body and does not create distress. It has been found, through analysis, that  the 444 Hz frequency is also much more compatible with nature. Leonard G. Horowitz states in his article (found below), “Instruments and voices tuned to the A=444 Hz (C=528Hz) frequency is acoustically pleasing, instinctively attractive, kinesthetically stimulating, spiritually refreshing, scientifically linked to genetic repair, and resonates pure LOVE.”

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